About Krista Macklin

Naturopath, Lecturer and Medical Herbalist

Krista Macklin has over 17 years clinical experience in complementary medicine, fertility, IVF support, reproductive health, women’s health and hormonal conditions.

In addition to her Naturopathic qualifications, Krista holds a Masters in Herbal Medicine / Pharmacy from the University of Sydney, currently the highest level of training available to complementary practitioners in Australia. She continues her studies in Reproductive Health and bases her recommendations on the latest research and her clinical success.

Krista’s approach complements general and specialised medicine and she is experienced in working in conjunction with both medical specialists and GPs. Krista uses standard pathology tests, as well as some functional testing including gut testing, neurotransmitter testing and hormone testing and understands how to combine herbal medicine and supplements with pharmaceuticals.

Krista Macklin, Naturopath Fertililty Specialist Burraneer NSW Australia

Krista Macklin
Masters Herbal Medicine (USYD), B.H.Sc (Comp.Med.),ND