Our approach to PCO & PCOS patients

At Shire Natural Fertility, we may combine Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle Changes and often Acupuncture in our treatment plan for PCO & PCOS patients. The treatment plan varies according to the severity of the condition and whether the patient chooses to use a combination of medical treatment with complementary therapies. In this case we don’t recommend combining herbal medicine with medication.

What to expect from a naturopathic consultation for PCO & PCOS

Formulating a treatment plan

Our Naturopaths establish a treatment plan with patients, before starting lifestyle and dietary changes. PCOS varies in severity of symptoms and its influence on fertility. With minimal intervention, some patients conceive naturally, while others have to work hard to attain an optimal weight and lifestyle changes before conceiving. Then there are other patients who need to explore assisted reproduction options and medical intervention and need referring to a Reproductive Specialist or Gynaecologist. In our experience and research when ART or IVF is necessary, a healthy eating plan, lifestyle changes, weight loss and supplements are still necessary for a success outcome.

Having all the information to make informed choices

PCOS is a complicated condition and it is important for us to have a full set of blood test results and a comprehensive patient history before formulating a treatment plan. There is an abundance of information and misinformation available on PCOS. Depending on your understanding of the condition we may provide reading material and information, so you can discuss and resolve any questions or concerns you have. With an understanding of the condition, a patient is empowered to then make decisions about a sensible treatment plan.

Support to make positive diet and lifestyle changes

Research shows that patients who are regularly supported when making diet and lifestyle changes are more successful in attaining their goals. Once we have formulated and agreed a way forward with patients they are supported by regular visits, email and phone calls to ensure that they are confident with their new lifestyle program.