Pre-conception care

Shire Natural Health & Fertility offers preconception care for couples who wish to give their child the best start in life. A preconception care plan benefits couples who have a history of infertility or miscarriage.

It is also of great benefit to couples who want to improve their success through IVF or similar procedures.

Our preconception plan involves a healthy and individualized diet program, lifestyle changes, stress management and education on toxins in the environment that can interfere with fertility and jeopardize a healthy pregnancy.

Pre-conception care at Shire Natural Health & Fertility Burraneer NSW Australia

When do I start pre-conception care?

Since sperm takes 4 months to develop and follicles about 3 months to mature. It is essential that preconception plan starts 4-6 months prior to conception.

How long should a preconception plan take?

We recommend 4-6 months, depending on your reproductive history and health and your commitment to making positive diet and lifestyle changes.

Should we both come to the appointments?

Both parents need to attend some appointments. Commitment from both partners makes a huge difference to the success of your program. In some cases women like to attend the first consultation and then their partners attend follow up visits. Either way the success of the program depends on both partners taking part.

How much will it cost and will I receive a health fund rebate?

The initial consultation fee is $240 for couples, $190 for individuals and $90 for follow up visits. You will need to allow $100-200 each for supplements and herbal medicines each month. If pathology tests are required these are additional, although these can normally be arranged through both your GP or Fertility Specialist. See our Fees page for further information. We are covered by all Health Funds under Naturopathic Consultation and you can claim on the spot using HICAPS. Check with your health fund regarding how much you are entitled to.