Women’s health

At Shire Natural Health & Fertility, we provide naturopathic support to women in the treatment of:

As a Naturopath, Krista Macklin’s goal is to educate and empower women to achieve their health goals at all stages of life from adolescence to preconception, pregnancy and motherhood, through to menopause and beyond.

By nature, women are nurturers. We often forget that the most important person to nurture is ourselves. One of the greatest gifts I can give to my patients is the tools and inspiration to nurture themselves and in doing so be healthy and happy individuals. A happy and healthy woman is a better wife or partner, a better mother and better daughter and friend.

Many of the common conditions affecting women have an emotional basis and are brought on through stressful or emotional periods in life. Stress, is simply that — “stress”. How you react to stress is up to you. One of the most important steps to health is to have the tools to cope with these challenging times, so that they do not continue to make us sick.

By the time women seek out a naturopath, they are lost in a myriad of information and misinformation about their health. The best place to start working towards an individualized health program is to have all the information and all the options available.

Our recommendations and solutions are based on traditional knowledge of herbal medicine and healing and the latest research on nutrition.