What to expect

First visit

Your first visit will involve a detailed discussion of your health history and it is important to bring with you any pathology results and supplements that you are currently taking.

At the end of the consultation women will have an understanding of how to chart your fertility cycle, and a detailed diet and lifestyle plan and any necessary supplements and herbs to begin your preconception care program.

Follow-up visits

Normally, your follow up visit will be 2-5 weeks after your initial visit at which time we will review your first fertility chart and any investigative tests that may have been required after your initial consultation.

Generally, follow-up visits are between 4-6 weeks thereafter and between visits, we provide support by email and telephone.

Should partners both come to the appointments?

Commitment from both partners makes a huge difference to the success of your program. In some cases women like to attend the first consultation and then their partners attend follow up visits. Either way the success of the program depends on both partners taking part.